Privacy Notice

The client connection is very important. The website is committed to providing our customers with a secure website, the shop and can only personal data to process your order is dedicated. Our clients must be sure that access to this information to appropriate the limited staff and will not be sold or given to other companies feel. Read the following information to study how and why we collect safeguards all the information and how the information.

1. The information that the site is necessary when a customer makes a purchase.
When a customer makes a purchase on our site, we ask for your preferred method of payment, account number, credit card, expiration date and card security (if any), the title, as appears on your card, "Invoice" address, shipping address, telephone number daytime and e - mail address. You have the ability to keep this information for future purchases. The information is stored as a "cookie" on your PC. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer. Your browser may have the ability to decline cookies. You can not buy things without your snacks on the website.

2. Our commitment to privacy.
To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of knowledge, we have physical, electronic, and appropriate management to protect and converts all we collect online.
We use snacks to visitors preferences, session information of the recording, such as items that consumers their cart, add specific information to the user on the file access user pages or visit, visitors alert to new areas that we think might be able to interest form to be a store, when reporting on our side, past activities they at one place, better customize content service website browser-based customer type material or other information that the visitor sends provide time visitors our part, adapt. Almost all cookies used are highly secure and sensitive information such as your credit card number is not stored. Put external companies and also read cookies or even over the web beacons to collect part of the advertising or marketing their products on our site.

Customers should be able to trust that the above data is actually transmitted. Computers via a secure This information is needed to process your order is essential. Now our systems limit access to information for employees, you need to process your order. To complete the transaction by credit card, credit card information in any real relevant security transmitted to the credit card processor for authorization. Our site ensures that our customers should only pay for the items, they are actually approved.